How to increase dashboard & report adoption and stop being reactive, while driving business value

  • Complete step-by-step requirements intake process

  • Move from reactive to proactive

  • Align executives, stakeholders, users & IT on value

  • Address data challenges with stakeholder buy-in

  • Drive adoption through a targeted persona focus

  • What is it?

    Insight Analyst is a 6-week online course with a physical kit and and digital workbooks and extensive templates. It shows you how to successfully gather requirements for dashboards and reports.

  • Who is it for?

    Insight Analyst is for any professional that works with data and wants to take themselves or their team to the next level of value for dashboards and reports. It is for both junior and senior professionals alike.

  • Where does it happen?

    The Insight Analyst course is online and consists of training videos, tools and templates. You complete it online and follow the pace of the course with weekly assignments that you apply directly to your job.

  • How does it work?

    You watch the videos at the start of each week and complete the assigned actions at work for real world experience by using the provided tools and templates.

  • When does it start?

    Insight Analyst is a 6-week on-demand online course that starts as soon as you sign up. It requires your commitment for the entire 6-week duration as activities will be assigned and need to be completed each week.

  • Why does it exist?

    We created Insight Analyst because organizations are experiencing difficulty with report and dashboard adoption and there are few solutions available. We have solved that problem with a specific set of steps to eliminate many of the causal factors.


Access the course how and when suits you, either during work hours or when you can carve out some time after hours.

All courses come with templates, workbooks, checklists and, best of all, the Dashboard Requirements Kit that become your in-person toolkit on the job (people take these courses just to get the kits).

Online e-learning platform

Access all the course content, from any device and anywhere in the world, online watching the high definition videos. Download all the course materials, templates and printable accelerators.

The Dashboard Requirements Kit

You may have heard all the excitement around our kits, a board game approach to working with people and data. You will be shipped your own kit, specific to the course, but also get access to all the training materials including the course book, workbooks and checklists.


All participants receive a Certificate of Completion issued by Delivering Data Analytics, assuming all materials are completed and the assignments are submitted, upon request. For organizations that require CPD credits, provisions can be made depending on the required accrediting body. Please inquire prior to registration.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Course Overview

    • Meet Your Trainer

    • Course Overview

    • The Problem

    • Elements of Success

    • Team Success Variables

    • Dashboard Success Variables

    • Requirements Success Variables

    • Market Success Variables

    • Getting the Most From the Course

    • Module Materials

  • 2

    Module 1: Insight Strategy & Planning

    • Module Materials

    • Module Overview

    • The Wider Story of Adoption

    • Test your learning

    • Business Value First, Data Follows

    • BI Meets UX and Change Management

    • Requirements Gathering

    • Forming the Vision

    • Build & Adoption

    • The Iteration Strategy

    • Case Study

    • Assigned Activity

    • Summary

    • Module Quiz

  • 3

    Module 2: Aligning Stakeholders & Users

    • Module Materials

    • Module Overview

    • The Insight Analyst Kit

    • What is UX?

    • Benefits of the Approach

    • Stakeholder Versus User

    • Characteristics of a Stakeholder

    • Characteristics of a User

    • Stakeholder Interviews

    • User Interviews

    • Personas

    • Comparing Goals and Objectives

    • Assignment

    • Summary

    • Module Quiz

  • 4

    Module 3: Building the Narrative

    • Module Materials

    • Module Overview

    • Building the Narrative

    • Why Questions

    • Keeping it Simple

    • Connecting Actions

    • Format and Who is Involved

    • Linking Questions to Users, Stakeholders & Action

    • Criteria for a Successful Question

    • Case Study

    • Assigned Activity

    • Summary

    • Module Quiz

  • 5

    Module 4: Data Assessment & Roadmap

    • Module Materials

    • Module Overview

    • Start with Value, Win with Data

    • Who is Involved

    • What is Involved

    • Addressing the Data Reality

    • Scoring a Question

    • Estimating Effort

    • Determining Cost

    • Data Roadmap

    • Case Study

    • Assigned Activity

    • Summary

    • Module Quiz

  • 6

    Module 5: Question Scoring & Iteration Planning

    • Module Materials

    • Module Overview

    • Reconnecting with Stakeholders

    • Summarize Findings

    • Goal Misalignments

    • Reviewing the Questions

    • Representing the Users

    • Scoring Questions by Value

    • Timing the Iterations

    • Prioritization

    • Grouping Questions For The Current Iteration

    • Action Definition

    • Workflow Plan

    • Case Study

    • Assigned Activity

    • Summary

    • Module Quiz

  • 7

    Module 6: The Workshop Approach

    • Module Materials

    • Module Kick-Off Quiz

    • Module Overview

    • What is a Workshop?

    • Deciding Who to Invite

    • Participants Physically Present

    • The Politics of Workshops

    • The Winning Workshop Structure

    • My First Time Running a Workshop

    • The Workshop Toolkit

    • Room Layout

    • The Ice Breaker

    • Quiz Deep Dive

    • Education

    • Introductions

    • Agreement on the Problem

    • Expanding Horizons

    • Solutioning

    • Prioritization

    • Summary & Wrap Up

    • Workshop Planning

    • Case Study

    • Assigned Activity

    • Summary

    • Module Quiz


There’s a reason why we have such a global reach. It works.


Jesse Foley, BI Analyst

'Ridiculously effective’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Nick’s Enterprise Dashboard Process. His program gave my team a scalable and repeatable process to deliver ACTIONABLE insight that truly adds value to the company. He has a crazy amount of experience, giving him a wealth of knowledge about what works and what doesn’t. We’re much more confident in the product we deliver thanks to Nick’s process.


BORA INCELER - Director Financial Crime Analytics

There is immense value in an individual taking this course. Exponential value is generated when a whole team takes it as the cultural shift needed is more rapid. Imagine not having to convince colleagues that engaging users and stakeholders is important. It changes the conversation from ‘what can we do with our data’ to ‘what our data needs to do for us’, i.e. start with business value and make the data work to get there. Get your reporting intake standardised, no more wild west. This course works.


ALSO CASTELLANOS - Category and Shopper Insights Strategist

Nick's training on building better dashboards has been instrumental in helping McKee Foods get on the road from good to great visualizations. The ingredient we were missing was that we needed to create a system to successfully create higher dashboard adoption rates. As a result of using the Dashboard Wireframe Kit, we now have a more engaged stakeholder group and more user relevant dashboards. I recommend anyone seeking to become the best visual data storyteller in the industry to try Nick's training. It will be money well spent!


NATALIE WILLIAMS - Director, Big 4 Consultant

Nick has worked for many years in the analytics field, both inside and outside of Deloitte. His work has been consistently underpinned by two core themes – making the insights you and your company can get from data accessible through well thought out and intuitive visual assets; and integrating those visual assets (such as dynamic dashboards) with existing platforms and processes to help business leaders take action on the insights. Analytics is as much an art as it is a science and Nick has a unique ability to bridge the gap between data science, digital and the generation of measurable, tangible business value. And all with an energetic approach and sprinkle of Irish charm!


HERNAN PISANO - Practice Lead, Data Capabilities Office

When you’ve been in BI as long as I have, you start to see the same barriers to extracting value from data. There is typically no formalized requirements intake process and communication is ineffective or nonexistent. Every serious BI and analytics group needs a standardized process for requirements gathering. This course delivers that and more.


KELLY BOOTH - Business Data Analyst

The course was so great! I learned a lot and really appreciated applying the thinking and activities directly to my work. It was packed full of content and I know I will be able to use in my job right away. Thank you!


FRANK NOORDOVER - Director of Data Management

Nick is extremely knowledgeable on the topic, with lots of real world experience implementing COEs for his clients. He taught us about his framework and gave a lot of great insight how to use the framework within our own organization. His teaching style is outstanding and he gets the class to engage so it becomes a discussion. I definitely recommend taking a class from Nick if you have the chance.


CHRISTOPHER RICE - Director Marketing Research & Analytics

The dashboarding process that Nick has outlined and detailed in his training will prepare your organization to plan and execute a dashboard that adds tremendous value. I have seen failed dash boarding attempts at my company and Nick’s well planned approach aligns everyone to the same successful implementation. The training was the most comprehensive and complete dash boarding exercise I have seen in our industry.


PHILLIP SIMMONS - Banking Professional

Nick’s knowledge and expertise is incredible. Nick has a matchless approach of providing actionable insights and information that simply makes sense. He provides real and useful solutions that are invaluable. He addresses issues everyone seems to know about but aren’t sure how to deal with them, and provides wisdom and vision for handling them. You or your business will gain so much value from this course.


DARRYL MOFFAT, CGA, CPA, CBIP - Materials Operations Business Manager

I’ve been a Power BI user for a year or so and developed some decent Dashboards. Nick’s class helped me put it all together from gathering the correct data to deploying the dashboards. Based on what I learned, it would apply to any BI Dashboard solution. Nick’s sense of humor mixed with real-world scenarios made it well worth the investment.


  • Is there certification?

    A certificate of completion is available for each course. Should there be CPD credits required, then it is possible to make accommodations though extra costs may be applicable. Please notify us prior to paying for the course to discuss.

  • What is included in the physical materials?

    You will receive the Dashboard Requirements Kit ($499 value), depending on stock, it may take some time for it to be shipped to your address.

  • Is there a discount for teams?

    Yes, there is a significant discount for teams for 3 or more people. Contact us to receive a coupon code.

  • How is payment processed, my company doesn't use credit cards?

    This is a typical scenario. We send an invoice to your email address and we can work with you procurement department to process the payment.

  • Do you ship internationally?

    Yes but we will charge for the additional shipping. However, we are not responsible for any customs fees or delays due to restrictions. We will do our best to notify you of those considerations beforehand. At an extra charge we can ship via courier.

  • How is the Insight Analyst different to the Dashboard Adoption Formula?

    The Dashboard Adoption Formula covers the entire process of Requirements Gathering, Visualization and Adoption. The Insight Analyst is a very deep dive into Requirements Gathering that goes deeper than the Dashboard Adoption Formula does.